Reusable floating wick set


A beautiful, reusable alternative to tealights. Our floating wicks are made of pressed metal and natural cork, with smokeless long-lasting beeswax wicks. Just place in a dish of olive oil to create your very own candle.

–  To use, insert the beeswax wick through the centre of the cork float (metal side up) and pinch the tabs underneath tight to hold in place. Set in a bowl or cup of olive oil and light as you would a candle.  –


Line drawing of an olive branch with fruit

Since ancient times, people have poured offerings of olive oil for the gods, and burning it as a candle on your altar is a perfect way to continue this tradition. Did you know the city of Athens was named in honour of the goddess Athena after she created the first olive tree?

As the legend tells, Athena and Poseidon were competing for the honour of naming the city by seeing who could provide the most esteemed gift. Besting Poseidon, Athena struck her staff against the ground, giving life to the first olive tree. Athena’s gift and its precious oil have been a staple of Mediterranean life and greatly revered ever since.


Please remember that fire is a beautiful but dangerous creature. Only suitable for olive or pure vegetable oil, adding essential or volatile oils can cause the candle to become a fire risk. Always check the suitability of the container you are using (never plastic or wood), and do not let the oil burn dry. Place away from children, pets and textiles, and never leave unattended while burning.


Each set contains one cork float and 8g of wicks (about 70), with everything neatly packaged in a reusable cotton bag.  Double sets contain twice the amount for better value.


Made in Greece.